Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Can See It

So there I was, quietly reading whatever the hell I happened upon online when I ran across this article.  A high school principal in Minnesota sent a letter to parents asking for their help.  The girls in this school have embraced the leggings fashion trend.  This isn't the first time leggings have been a trend but it is the first time they are being worn like any other pant.  Leggings are back in style, large shirts to keep the vag hidden are not.

I have no problem with the article.  The principal is not banning the clothing, just asking for parent to ask their daughters to cover their legs and ass.  He didn't mention the teenie bopper camel toe.  What irritates the fuck out of me are some of the comments.  A bunch of nonsense about fashion statements, expressing yourself, and it's just pants, it's not like they're naked!!!!

I really hate stupid people.

Ladies, we need to talk here.  I don't know what you see when you put on leggings but what me and every other guy in the world sees is your vag.  You might think you're covered but those stretch pants crawl right up your crack and leave only the real color of everything in question.

No one is looking at you because they think you're just an awesome expresser of self.  They are looking at you wondering if you realize your crotch is so exposed we could paint a portrait. 

That's right, from bat wings to piercings, leggings let us see it all.  And ya know what, if you're 18 or older, and not my daughter, I encourage you to keep showing me your crotch.  If you are 17 or younger, or my daughter, keep your damn crotch covered.


  1. I admit, I was so excited when I saw the 80's fashions coming back in style. Neon colors, long sweaters, big belts, leggings - woot!! My teen years are back! But, alas, the sweaters are collecting dust on their hangers in the stores while the leggings fly off the shelves....

    If my daughter so much as thinks of wearing leggings without something covering up her vajayjay, I'll smack sense into head!!!

    1. As a man, I love this trend, on adult women.

      In the comments on that original story, there is a woman quite upset with me for pointing out that her leggings don't cover her as much as she seems to think they do. Which is fine. She's free to show her vag to the entire world if she's an adult.

      What pisses me off is that people who think like her are making an impression on minors. That woman should not be allowed near children.