Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Little Research

I have a much longer piece I plan to write but time is short.  Instead, I have a question for my readers and I am hoping to get as many honest responses as possible.  Anonymous comments are welcome on this one so if you aren't a blogger, I hope you will answer as well.

Consider the following scenario.

A cute single female lawyer stops by her local hamburger joint for a bite to eat.  Though she frequents the establishment often, there is a face behind the counter she's never seen before, a handsome man about her own age.  He takes her order and makes pleasant, even humorous, small talk until the order is ready.

A question for the women, if you were her, would you consider dating the handsome order taker?

A question for the men, if the situation were reversed, would you consider dating the cute female order taker? 

Think on this before answering, actually put yourself in the situation and answer as honestly as possible. There is no right or wrong answer and I will not judge anyone for what they say.  Ok, I may judge you but I won't do so anywhere outside my head. 


  1. Date, yes, at least once to get to know him and his story. We can't always tell what's going on with a person just by looking at their circumstances. Though I do think if it progressed to the point of a relationship there could be issues, to be on two very different levels professionally puts a strain on a relationship, with one possibly feeling inferior, it could still work, but it wouldn't be easy. Or maybe the lawyer would decide she'd much rather open up a restaurant with her new guy! That happens too! :-)

  2. I would at least once. Im very open minded, i try not to judge people for were they work, a jobs a job. I wouldn't want someone judging me because i work at walmart!

  3. If there was a definite chemistry, then yes. It wouldn't bother me in the least what he did for a living but in the long run, it might bother him.

    I only say that because my sister is deputy principle at a school, whilst her husband is a teacher. (at another school)Although she earns three times as much as her husband but he wants her to quit working and become a stay at home mum. He constantly makes jibes about her role as a mother and when she was on maternity leave, would make her ask him for money. He was in his absolute element when she was at home and acted like lord and master. Now she's back at work, he can't seem to handle that he is no longer the man of the house and talks about feeling was the question again?

  4. Echoing Lily, if there's chemistry (and if he asks; I'm old-fashined that way), sure. You can't measure a person by his job (you know, unless he or she's a drug dealer or trafficker in human slavery, or somthin'), but by who he is. But, for me, I need chemistry first. I don't feel the need to "give someone a chance," "just because.

  5. I would absolutely consider going out with him!

    Of course, I am very much a romantic at heart and always dream about that "movie moment", and the scenario you describe is a perfect set up for that...

    For me, it never has been about money or social status. What I look for in a friend, boyfriend (and lately I've been thinking maybe a girlfriend...!)is someone I can have an intelligent conversation with. I have had great conversations with many people that others wouldn't even look at twice. If someone is used to being passed over by everyone else, they usually end up with a lot bottled inside, just waiting for someone to listen.

    I will admit though that I am not picky. If you can make me smile, and you can manage to string together more then 4 words at a time, I will probably give you a chance. It may not lead anywhere, but I am willing to see what will happen. You just never know what you may find....

    I'm still hoping I can find a frog...

  6. I would. In this economy you can't judge a person by the job they are currently holding and in reality, we shouldn't do that anyway, although we do. Look at me - I went from a property manager to data entry clerk to unemployed because of health issues. It happens, it's called life.

    Who knows, the guy could be an Undercover Boss and really own the restaurant chain!