Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Rant in Prose

That's it.  I'm done being polite. The stupidity of the world I live in has reached such a point that the words you're about to read are fighting with each other to come out first.

We're going to start with guns.  More specifically, we're going to start with the irrational fear of guns that almost got a student suspended from school for wearing a US Marines t-shirt with crossed rifles at the bottom of it.

I wish I was making this up rather than there actually being people fucktarded enough to believe a fucking t-shirt with a gun on it might in some way endanger students.  Do ya really think someone is going to take a gun PRINTED on their god damn t-shirt off and start shooting people with it?

The school reversed course on this one but the school still issued a statement about student safety over this stupid shit.  It's a t-shirt, you stupid sons of bitches.  You've got a better chance of being eaten by Godzilla than you do from being shot by a fucking t-shirt.

Buncha god damn gun fearing pussies.


Playboy Energy Drink has a facebook page with pictures of what they call Battle Bunnies.  None of the pictures are of naked women.  Some of them might as well be but no nipples or clits can be seen anywhere.  It's mostly women in the military with their uniforms open in sensual poses.

I see it and think, among other things, that these women are showing that underneath the uniform, they are still women.

Apparently women see it and think, "disrespectful slut."

I read comments about how they are setting back the progress women have made in the military and how people have died in that uniform.

Forgive me but....BULLSHIT.  Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

I have seen many pictures of men in uniform without their shirts on and read the comments from women about how sexy it is.  I haven't read a single god damn remark about how it was disrespectful to the uniform or about how the guys should put on their shirts because people have died in it.

I haven't even read anyone make a negative comment on the comments.

Sexy guy in a partial uniform?  Hot!  Sexy woman in the same uniform showing her bra?  Dirty slut!

Women, you need to knock the shit off.  For all the talk of any double standards between the sexes, you are the ones that perpetuate it.  Unless the woman is your friend, in which case you'll find an excuse for any of their behavior, you hold other women to a standard you don't hold men, or yourself, to.  Any show of sexuality means the woman is a slut with low self esteem and she's setting women back.

We men don't give a shit.  If some guy wants to show his junk off, more power to him.  I hope some of these double standard perpetuating women see it and are overcome with the desire to fornicate.  Maybe a good fuck would unbunch their damn panties.  


  1. Thank you for writing this.

    The whole gun debate in this country has gotten out of hand. When people have lost the ability to talk rationally it becomes hateful words being slung at one another. I cannot tell you how many times I've sat in front of my keyboard and wanted to write something and then stopped. I own a gun, my husband is retired military, I know my views and I know it's getting ridiculous out there.

    As for the women in their uniforms, I can't comment properly without seeing the pictures so I will say this - we women tend to do ourselves more harm then good when we resort to name calling. We expect equality but want to be seen as sexy at the same time. The moment a women labels another woman a slut or whore, any equality is lost.

    1. The gun thing passed stupid a long time ago. I am so tired of those fucking whiners, I just wanna shoot them all. (Author's note: That last line was a joke, folks. Relax.)

      As for the other, it just amazes me how quickly women turn on each other. These women are being blamed for how all women in the military are treated. That the way women in the military are treated has been happening since at least I was born doesn't seem to matter. These month old photos, that's what's keeping men from not being dickholes.

      Women will never find the equality they stop beating each other up for being women.

  2. I completely agree with Elsie about the fact that as women, we do ourselves a disservice when we resort to name calling and putting other women down.

    It's ladies like that, who put back the progress that women have made over the years.It's a shame really. :)

    1. I'm a man so I guess I'll never understand but it boggles my damn mind when I see how women treat each other if one of them exudes any sexuality at all. And to top it off, these same women will complain about sexual double standards. I just wanna shake the shit out of them and explain what "you're part of the fucking problem" means. Grrrrrr.....