Monday, March 2, 2015

For Real This Time

This is my last blogger post.  Not my last post, just my last post here.  At least for a while.  It's been a great ride but google has basically just let blogger sit here and it's a damn shame.  The built in networking used to be great.  Click the next blog button at the top, if you find a blog that's been updated within the last 5 years, go buy a lotto ticket because it's your lucky day.

I may come back one day but it would take Google giving a damn and since that doesn't seem likely, I'll be posting over at wordpress..  Thanks for reading.


  1. Good for you, Frank! I switched to WordPress too. Blogger blows. :)

  2. It breaks my heart because when I got here, blogger was great. It has a very active community and I still love the customization it allows. I just hate how Google has let it just kinda fester. There was the ban on porn they were going to implement but then they changed their mind because who doesn't want to post noncommercial porn online?

    I'll get used to WP but I will miss posting here. Been here a long time.

  3. I've read that about Blogger. I've also heard good things about WordPress. Who knows WHAT I'll do?

    1. I've told myself for years that I blog for me and having readers was nice but not really necessary, and that's partially true. I continued to write despite dwindling readership. But I wasn't enjoying it like I had been. The move has inspired me and it has everything to do with people actually reading what I write.

  4. I keep toying with the idea of moving, but I'm afraid that I'd lose track of some of my following. Plus, I'm really quite to visit you at wordpress.